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Who we are

new technology

Continuous improvement of the technologies to satisfy market demands.



Every single product is selected and processed using strict standard to preserve their integrity and high quality.



A big warehouse of goods storage in the natural state, allows to guarantee supplies small, medium and large, all year long with a quick delivery.


The goods

Every cargo can be uniform or mixed according to your needs.

M.A.R. Pumpkinseeds in October 2017, has been certified Quality System and Food Safety in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 22000:2005.

Another milestone that fits between the objectives of a quality policy that the company has taken since always with the aim of offering products to our customers to increasingly high quality and added value.

The raw materials M.A.R. pumpkin seeds come from skilled gatherers and periodically monitored and evaluated.

About us

one of the first ukrainian companies in the export of pumpkin seeds

M.A.R. Pumpkinseeds is an individual company, based in Cherkassy since 1992.
A steady and slow development and a daily commitment to the pursuit of high quality standards, enable us to be between the most popular companies in the export of Ukraine pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts to the countries of Europe and Asia.
Our products: pumpkin seeds, walnuts and sunflower seeds are gathered in the best and more appreciated Ukrainian regions for each type of production, through our trusted network of harvesters  who must reach our specific quality standards.

M.A.R. pumpkinseeds has made with its network of gatherers a technique of supply, that allows us to have a fair amount of each product available in our large storage warehouse, continuously.
This allows us to provide our clients every kind of goods, all year round, even in case of poor harvest or dearth crop.
The market demands and the requirements are constantly monitored through our marketing managers.

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