Our factory

one of the first ukrainian companies in the export of pumpkin seeds

The headquarters of our company is in the city of Chercassy, ​​as well as our three bases where the processing of the products takes place.
Employees of M.A.R. Pumpkinseeds vary, depending on the time of year, from 60 to 150 units.
Each product is processed, sorted and packed in an establishment.
So we use three different work places: the first one for the pumpkin seeds in shell and shelled, the second one for the nuts in-shell and shelled and the last one for sunflower seeds in shell and shelled.
To meet the new continuous market demands we never stop to acquire new technologies and equipment. In the year 2015, we have enriched our production lines with two new machines: the first one for the skinning of pumpkin seeds suitable for the pastry industry, the bakery and oil extraction; the second one for the skinning of sunflower seeds for the confectionery and bakery. Both shelled seeds are very appreciated and used in various traditional cuisines. These machines complete our line that are already working with optical sorters (BUHLER SORTEX Z +) and laser sorter (BEST HELIUS LASER SORT) as well as various metal detector stations and destoners, placed at crucial points of the working lines to guarantee the final quality of the product.
The M.A.R. Pumpkinseeds also has a large stock of goods storage in their natural state, which guarantees supplies small, medium and large, during the year in the event of poor or bad harvest.
Precisely for this reason, among our customers, we mention important and emblazoned European companies. Our products can be packed on your specific request. Usually we pack in the multi-layer paper bags, polypropylene bags, big bags and various items, including vacuum. In relation to pumpkin seeds, we can supply mixed mixtures or seeds divided by a single caliber. In this way, you will have the possibility to prepare the mixtures according to the needs of your customers.
The goods are in bulk packs or on pallets and each load can be homogenous or mixed.
Come and visit our company with or without notice. You are always welcome. A responsable will be at your disposal.



M.A.R. Pumpkinseeds in October 2017, has been certified Quality System and Food Safety in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 22000:2005.
The raw materials used by M.A.R. pumpkinseeds, intended for the final process of transformation within our processing lines, originate from qualified harvesters and periodically monitored and evaluated. Each supply is defined and shared with the furnisher which use technical specifications to monitoring, for the selection of the goods and delivery terms. Another milestone that fits between the objectives of a quality policy that the company has taken since always with the aim of offering products to our customers to increasingly high quality and added value.